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Introduction To Awagami Papers

Introduction To Awagami Papers

Learn how to use Japanese fine art papers for your photography..


Like the coffee cake, I was left craving more… I have already started to make up a final shopping list. Please put me at the top of the list for your next Washi/Awagami workshop. I’m in! Chris Jewett

Many of us have heard of traditional hand-made Japanese washi papers. Yet few of us have actually experimented with them or figured out how to use them to best effect in our photography.

Les Picker is the first fine art photographer in the world named as an official Awagami Ambassador. In this introductory workshop you will enter the exciting world of washi hand-made papers from the 8th generation Awagami craftspeople. Awagami offers a wide range of papers made specifically for digital printing.

The Awagami workshop was exceptional. It provided practical information emphasizing the need for creativity rather than paint-by-numbers instructions. The workshop helped me understand the characteristics of the wide range, the differences among the papers, and useful suggestions as to what types of images will work best, and – equally important – which won’t. I went into the workshop doubtful whether Awagami washi papers would provide results worth the effort. I emerged convinced.Bill Iverson

Les will showcase the variety of ink-jet compatible Awagami papers that are currently available. He will explain the pros and cons of each paper and how to use them to reflect your artistic intent. Les will also demonstrate various ways these unique papers can be used and displayed.

The workshop is limited to six people. If you are interested in the infinite artistic possibilities of Japanese washi papers register now.

The fee for this workshop will be refunded in full to every participant that registers for any advanced Awagami workshop offered by Les Picker Fine Art Photography.(please email us for details)

The Introduction to Awagami workshop was inspiring and informative. The unique, hand made, process of making the paper is fascinating. I’m searching for that “special” image that merits printing on such exquisite paper!Carolyn Mead

Participants will:

  • gain a detailed knowledge of Awagami washi papers
  • understand techniques for using washi papers
  • selecting images and the appropriate Awagami paper
  • see examples of Awagami papers to display photographic art
  • understand how printing on washi papers differs from printing on other western commercial photographic papers
  • take home an Awagami sample pack to begin using their amazing papers for your photographs

Participants will be sent detailed information and directions upon registration.

Saturday, Mar 11, 2023 09:00
Workshop starts at 9am and ends at 1pm