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Panorama Workshop

Panorama Workshop

Creating Panoramas That Rock

In this all day workshop (9AM - 5PM) you will learn how to take exceptional, art print quality panorama images. You will receive complete instruction, from understanding parallax and measuring nodal points to the post-processing and display of pano images.

Today it is easier than ever to take panoramic images with an iPhone, point-and-shoot camera, or even a hand-held DSLR. But, to obtain truly professional panoramas that you are able to enlarge into sharp, detailed prints or room-sized wallpaper installations (see video below) you have to use good equipment and flawless technique. In this workshop you will go a few steps further, with Les' tips, suggestions and his personal workflow that will result in the highest level of artistic expression.

Les' panoramas have been printed for collectors on large-format fine art papers in sizes up to six-feet long. Les' panoramas have also been enlarged into wallpapers that are as large as 30-feet by 10-feet and are exhibited in hospitals and offices. All Les' work is produced in his studio, where the workshop will be held, with outdoor field work included.

As with all Les' workshops, students are invited to ask Les questions or for his photographic advice well after the workshop ends. More than 75% of Les' clients have attended one of Les' lectures or have taken a workshop with him before, reflecting his commitment to his clients and his craft. For a list of Les' other workshops, please click here.

The majority of the day will be spent in determining the nodal point for your favorite lens that you use for panoramas, followed by an outside excursion to actually shoot panoramas using Really Right Stuff pano equipment. We will then bring those images back to the studio for post processing. While this is not a fine art printing workshop, you are invited to take Les' print workshop where you will be able to print your panorama on our large format Canon printers. Alternately, we can do the printing for you and securely mail the print to you, all at additional charge.

This workshop is limited to four photographers to allow for individualized attention.

Lodging Details: Havre de Grace is a town steeped in the history of our country. A detailed list of recommended lodging, dining, photographic and historical locations will be sent once you register.

Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park

About Les

Les has more than 650 writing and photo credits in National Geographic Society publications, Better Homes & Gardens, Forbes, Time, Inc. Publications, Money, Fortune Small Business, Bloomberg Personal Finance, National Parks Magazine, and dozens of newspapers, magazines and other publications. He has written five novels and several photography and other non-fiction books.

Les' landscape and wildlife images decorate many upscale homes, offices and institutions throughout North America. He was recently selected as the exclusive artist for a major teaching hospital’s medical wing, where more than 60 of his large format images are permanently displayed.

Les won the prestigious Canada Northern Lights Award for Best Travel Photography. He is a Moab Master photographer/printer, an X-Rite Coloratti, and his print workshops are supported by Moab, X-Rite and Canon.

Les' two panorama instructional videos have been viewed by more than 250,000 photographers on Les' Youtube channel.

Antarctica King Penguins

Antarctica King Penguins


  • DSLR Camera with an Arca-Swiss tripod mounting plate
  • Lens(es) capable of 70mm to 200mm (prime or zoom)
  • Tripod with Arca-Swiss mount
  • Cable release (electronic or manual)
  • Laptop computer with the latest version of Lightroom installed and enough room to store your pano images

Instruction will include:

  • What is parallax?
  • What is the nodal point and why is it so important?
  • How to calculate the nodal point for prime lenses and for multiple points on zoom lenses
  • What panorama accessory equipment to use for professional results
  • The essential camera settings for taking panos
  • Leveling your equipment
  • How to take single row and multi-row panoramas
  • Using a tilt-shift lens for panos
  • A failure-proof panoramic workflow
  • Guaranteed success tips for taking panos
  • How to post-process your panos in Lightroom
  • Display options for your panos
  • Printing room-sized panoramas: A Case Study (or two)
Maui, Hawaii

Maui, Hawaii

Saturday, Jun 19, 2021 09:00
This is a hands-on learning experience with Really Right Stuff equipment that will be on loan at the workshop. Rescheduled due to Covid-19