Speedlight Portrait Workshop

Speedlight Portrait Workshop

Like many photographers you probably have a flash laying around that you never use. The reasons might be that it seems too complicated, the results looked “bad” when you’ve tried, or you’ve just put off figuring it out. In this workshop we’ll help you get over that! You will also get a chance to hone your skills when working with portrait subjects one-on-one in a fun environment, picking up some tricks along the way for photographing anyone.

This 5 hour workshop is limited to 5 participants so register soon. We will cover a few simple techniques to get consistently great results in one of the most common scenarios; you’d like to take a beautiful portrait but the circumstances aren’t what anyone would consider optimal. The light is lousy, the background is not attractive, there’s no natural light, or any of 100 other things that won’t work when left to chance.

No matter if you’ve never used a flash before or you’re familiar with speedlights but not getting the results you’d like, this workshop is for you. Working with a live portrait subject/model, we’ll cover some of the technical material in a way that everyone will understand and then move on to the much more important part: Getting the results you want with the minimum equipment many of you may already have. We’ll be working hands-on, making portraits and giving each of the participants ample opportunity to really learn how a few simple things makes all the difference. You’ll leave with the confidence to make a great portrait just about anywhere, any time.

The workshop will start promptly at 10AM and end at 3PM. We’ll break for lunch for about 30 minutes. There will be an optional extension opportunity after the workshop to work one-on-one with your specific camera and speedlight as well as practice using your gear until 5PM for $50 for a half hour sesson.

What We Will Cover

  • Using your flash on-camera
  • Getting the flash off-camera for full control and achieving any look you want
  • Tips and techniques when working with people in a portrait setting
  • Five quick and easy setups that work and that anyone can do.
  • Exposure control using TTL auto and manual
  • The five important things most speedlights/cameras do and what they are for, no matter what camera and flash you own
  • Simple secrets for lighting control
  • The absolute essentials you will need for off-camera flash use for $50 or less
  • Free or cheap items you can find around your house that make a huge difference in the way your portraits will look
  • Recommended investments if you intend to use flash for portraits a lot
  • Getting good color

What To Bring

  • Lunch
  • One SD Card (for storing the portraits you make)

What We Provide

  • Water, coffee, tea, snacks
  • Hands-on instruction by Les Picker and Bob Boyer
  • Camera, speedlight, other lighting accesories, etc for you to use for each lesson.
  • Portrait model


  • Notebook
  • Laptop/tablet
  • Smart phone for snapping BTS shots of the setups, etc.
  • Your camera and flash unit (if you have questions specific to your gear - we’ll try to answer gear specific questions at the end, time permitting) We’ll be supplying the camera, speedlights, and any other gear for your use and practice.

Sunday, Jul 21, 2019 10:00
You will also get a chance to hone your skills when working with portrait subjects one-on-one in a fun environment, picking up some tricks along the way for working with anyone.