Back Down the Dempster

Back Down the Dempster

Today Richard Hartmier and I left Eagle Plains for the drive back to Dawson City. It was another long day of driving and photographing, but it seems like every turn in the road brings another spectacular vista… even the road itself.

At the northern part of our drive the Fall red colors have begun to develop.

We stopped along the Ogilvie River for a quick photo session.

Onward, and with the last light of day quickly disappearing behind ominous clouds, we stopped at a pond to take in the reflections in the surrounding mountains (remember to click on the images to enlarge them).

Within minutes of taking this image, the weather went south on us, as did we. We continued south to Dawson City under black clouds and rain, but we did see some gorgeous scenery and even had a chance to capture some “keepable” images.