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Residential Art Installations

Residential Art Installations

Enhance your home with art inspired by the natural world.

Residential Art Installations

Whether is be decorating a child’s play room with Les' wildlife images or creating an upscale ambience in your living areas with Les' nature and landscape images, at Les Picker Fine Art Photography we offer the discerning home owner a truly customized solution.

Are you looking to redo a basement entertaining area? Allow us to add exciting, eye-popping, floor-to-ceiling durable wall coverings that will simply amaze your guests.

We also offer a variety of display media that allow us to individualize every home decorating project, including museum-quality traditional framed prints, durable wall coverings, backlit window treatments, eye-catching plexiglass displays, modern aluminum prints, and stunning backlit LED panels. You can also add Les' Limited Edition Prints for those very special places in your home.

As with all our installations, we start with a consultation, listen to your goals and objectives, take measurements and then provide you with a non-binding, one-of-a-kind solution. We then work with you to modify the plan to create exactly the mood and atmosphere that you’ve always dreamed of having in your home.

Below you will find a brief description of some of our display options.

Museum-quality Traditional Prints

We print each of our images individually in our studio, using the finest printers, archival inks and museum-quality, archival papers and canvas. We work with a custom shop to frame the images, double-matted and covered with UV protective glass or plexiglass. The finished product adds even more depth to our fine art images.

Limited Edition Prints

For those special areas of your home, we offer the opportunity to incorporate Les' Limited Edition Prints as part of the visual solution.

Face-Mounted Plexiglass

We creatively mount our images on single- or double-framed plexiglass for a clean, modern look that makes Les' images pop off the wall. Plexiglass adds exceptional depth to images. As well, the plexiglass frames are mounted so they stand away from the wall for a three-dimensional effect.

Aluminum Prints

Aluminum prints are offered in brushed, glossy and matt finishes to add a modern, sleek look to your decor. They are highly durable and can be mounted flat on a wall or with stand-offs to create a three-dimensional effect.

LED Backlit Panels

LED Backlit Panels offer the ultimate in trendy, arresting displays. A high graphic fabric is stretched over a frame and evenly backlit with LED lights to produce eye-popping images that your guests will not soon forget.

Window/Glass Wall Treatments

We print our images on the highest quality backlit fabrics and synthetic materials, then apply them to glass walls or windows. The backlit effect allows the images to project their artful magic into the room. They are also a wonderful solution for windows that have compromised views.

Wall Coverings

Are you looking for exceptional visual pizzazz for large wall coverage? Then our specialized wall coverings are perfect. We print in our studio on the best quality wall covering. We then double coat each strip to achieve utmost durability and protection from spills and bumps. We can install images as long as your wall runs. The video below depicts a thirty-foot wall that we covered with one of Les' purpose-shot panoramas of Baltimore Harbor.

Custom Designed Art Pieces

At Les Picker Fine Art Photography, we can custom-design artwork for those special areas of your home. In those cases, our ability and experience using unique materials and specialized mounting solutions will enable you to make your vision a beautiful reality. Whether you are looking for a modern plexiglas triptych, a sleek aluminum print or a wall covering for an odd-shaped room, we would be honored to work with you to custom design a solution that will beautify those spaces.

To discuss your home decorating requirements, please contact us by email.