Canada Collection

Canada Collection

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As an American, I know just how fortunate we are to live in such variegated landscapes, rich in water and woods, mountains and prairies, and blessed with the mineral wealth we need for life and commerce. I have spent the better part of my life documenting its majesty both in writing and images.

But I have come to know that there is a secret, magical land sitting on top of us. Well, north of us anyway. With a far greater land mass than we enjoy here in the United States and with one-tenth the number of people, much of Canada appears to us landscape photographers exactly as it did to First Nation people, Canadian trappers and pioneers hundreds of years ago. Take Canada’s Yukon Territory, for example. With a land area some 20% larger than California, it has only 35,000 residents, compared to California’s 33 million. With about 30,000 bears, 60,000 moose and 350,000 caribou, plus elk, fox, eagles, wolves and more, it is also a wildlife photographer’s paradise.

One of the things I love about Canada is that, as a landscape artist, I don’t have to battle crowds to record the images I visualize. I can take my time surveying the area for the best vantage points, set up my tripod, and shoot, reposition and shoot again. Some of the images, in fact, took multiple visits before I was happy with the results.

Each image in this Folio Collection was individually prepared for printing and then hand-printed on Moab Fine Art archival, museum-quality, fine art paper (300gsm). Prints will last at least 100 years if they are properly cared for. To that end, please store them in the Folio at room temperatures.

The landscapes in this Folio Collection were recorded between 2007 and 2011 using digital capture on Nikon and Hasselblad professional equipment.

Periodically I issue other hand-printed Folio Collections. Please check back from time to time for new releases. If you are interested in purchasing this Folio Collection please click here.