Creating a Pano of a Banyan Tree

Creating a Pano of a Banyan Tree

On a recent hike in the spectacular Haleakala National Park on the Hawaiian island of Maui, I decided to do a quick video for you on how to create a panoramic image.

At the outset I have to apologize. I shot the video after hiking and photographing for several hours on a hot, humid day. It is also my first live, in-the-field video, so it is quite rough. Final apology: I wanted to include more of the actual how-to as I actually shot the pano, and I promise I will eventually do that for a pano session (that multi-row pano instructional video is now posted here), but for this quick video I filled in some details with title pages within the video clip.

The lead photo here is the image I ended up with. However, I did this after an exhausting day of hiking and photographing and so I intend to polish the image when I get back home. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the image and any suggestions you might have for final rendering.

Here, then, is the video clip.

ADDENDUM (added 02/21/2014): here is the gear and settings I used:

Shot on a Gitzo 3541 tripod with Really Right Stuff ballhead BH-55 and a RRS multi-row pano setup.

Nikon D800 with 24-70mm Nikkor f2.8, with Singh-Ray polarizing filter.

Shot at 70mm, f16, ISO 100, at approx. 1.6 sec/image.