Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park

We’ve had two days in South Africa’s Kruger National Park so far and the wildlife viewing has been incredible. I’m on some down time right now, having just completed some shopping for food (gotta keep up the energy for game viewing).

The hippo at the top of this blog was one pissed-off dude when another hippo came into its territory. A few photographers on the scene gave up trying to capture an image of the lumps of flesh sitting placidly in the water. From the corner of my eye I noticed a new hippo coming into the scene and I expected something to happen. Sometimes patience, and knowledge of the behavior of the animals you want to photograph, goes a long way.

This next sequence covers about an hour spent sitting in my car leisurely photographing a resting lion. It was his incredible camouflage that attracted me.

Resting lions yawn periodically, so it was just a matter of being patient to capture this image.

All these images were captured using a Nikon D800 with 200-400 mm Nikkor lens. I rested the heavy rig on my car window ledge.

Stay tuned for more.