The Pain of Leaving Maui

The Pain of Leaving Maui

Aloha! February is, once again, ending, and with it my annual visit to Maui. (I know, life is tough, but someone’s got to do it.) I’m used to not getting any sympathy from friends about the work I have to do while in Maui, but I have to admit that I’m not missing the weather back east. In any event, I wanted to share with you a photography insight about Maui that I had on this visit.

Being a tropical paradise, Maui is resplendent with color, from the lush green of its verdant forests to the profusion of colorful flowers that are everywhere one looks. So, who can blame we photographers for trying to capture those brilliant scenes.

What dawned on me over the past year is that Hawaii is also about the beautiful light, irrespective of color; light that provides us with a wide range of tonality begging to be captured on our sensors. So this year I made a special attempt to interpret some of the scenes I saw in black and white.

Here is a sampling of images that I post-processed while on the run, usually late in the evenings. I used only Lightroom 5, because in my rush to leave my studio I was not able to install my usual complement of software on my new laptop. Still, I hope it gives you an idea of the potential for capturing even tropical scenes in black and white.

And while I am on the topic of B&W, post-processing made me realize all over again how thankful I am not to have to soak my hands in all those nasty, carcinogenic darkroom chemicals! Yay to progress!

Click on each of the samples to see them full frame.


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