Why Not Try Sri Lanka?

Why Not Try Sri Lanka?

If there is one location on Earth that is still a photographic “sleeper” it would have to be Sri Lanka. This lovely island off the southern coast of India is so scenically rich and varied it is hard to believe that it is not more popular than it is with photographers.

Where else can one find antiquities stretching back to Buddha’s visit, replete with temple ruins that still amaze? Or a coastline with blue-green waters that supports a huge population of blue whales and colorful fishermen? Now add in wild elephants and the densest population of leopards on the planet and you have a photographer’s Valhalla, right? Now for the best part; nowhere else will you find friendlier people who love to be photographed!

With that introduction, I’m announcing my bi-annual photo tour of Sri Lanka slated for March 12-23, 2016, only eight short months away. Here’s a terrific opportunity to join group of passionate amateurs to explore a dynamic culture, where Buddhists and Sikhs live side-by-side in peace. The food is good and plentiful and the photo opps nothing short of spectacular.

I strictly limit the number of people I take to allow for one-on-one help as requested, as well as evenings filled with tips, techniques and good conversation. This is a soup-to-nuts tour. Once you land you are in our hands, with an air-conditioned bus, a driver, a certified guide, a porter and, of course, me. To see the entire itinerary, check out the Upcoming Workshops section. There is so much to see and experience non-photographers always report they had a great time.

So, avoid the crowds in Africa and India and join us for an 11-day photo-packed experience you will never forget.