Travel Photography e-Book

Travel Photography e-Book

A week or two ago I launched my latest e-Book, titled Travel Photography. This is a book that I’ve wanted to put together for several years and I was finally able to write it this past summer. But writing was only half of the battle. I also had to coordinate more than 100 images to illustrate the various elements of the book. It was, as the saying goes, a labor of love.

For those of you who have followed my blog for a while, you know that I won the Canada Northern Lights Award for Best Travel Photographer. This is a juried award, given to me by a panel of my peers, so it has meant a lot to me. I love doing travel photography, and I also teach it in places throughout the world. I wanted to create a work that would help people make the kind of travel images they would be proud to show to friends, hang on their walls, or submit to contests.

Travel Photography

My Travel e-Book is a 234-page guide geared to helping both beginners and advanced amateurs raise the level of their work. I gave pre-publication copies to many photographers and every one reported learning several things that made them rethink their approach and which they felt would help them create more dynamic images.

Travel Photography is heavily illustrated with my images, explaining points, clarifying concepts and illustrating techniques. The book was designed by my associate, Robert Boyer, who was masterful in creating a clean, tasteful format that you will be happy to refer to again and again. Best of all, being in ebook format, you can have it with you while you travel.

The book includes chapters on camera and lens choices, tripods, filters and accessories, research, packing for travel, safety issues, elements of composition, photographing land, water, architecture, people, wildlife, light and exposure, how to shoot panoramas, urban photography and much more.

If you are new to travel photography, or are looking to pick up new perspectives or tips and techniques from a pro travel photographer, please consider purchasing my Travel Photography eBook. It is available on my website.

Good shooting!