Travel Ebook Now Available!

Travel Ebook Now Available!

It’s been an incredible two months. After a worldwide travel schedule, I was able to use this summer and Fall to complete two photography books that I have been wanting to share with you. The first one - Travel Photography - has been available for the past few months on a selective basis and the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive.

Starting From Start

After decades of shooting travel photography and after winning a prestigious international award for it, I wanted to share with aspiring and experienced travel photographers all the ins-and-outs of that world. There are some excellent travel photography books already on the market, but after being asked so many questions about the topic over the years, I thought I could differentiate my book by starting from the very beginning. How do you plan, research and even pack for today’s travel photography?

So many photographers are frustrated in their travel photography efforts. Many come to their locales unprepared. Perhaps they did not adequately research their target destinations. What about safety issues? In my ebook I cover each of these areas before getting into the meat of the subject.

Picture This!

In 234 pages, I illustrate each of my 20 chapters with numerous images I have taken over the years. I tried to make every image count, with no image repeated throughout the book. I have to say that I enjoyed every minute of putting this together.

Chapters include gear recommendations, how to research your destinations, packing for travel photography, how to photograph people, architecture, water scenes, urban areas, landscapes, and wildlife. I also cover safety issues, using a smart phone, taking panorama images, and much more.

The ebook is available as an Apple iBook (in the iBook store) and through my website as a pdf.

I do hope you enjoy the book and I look forward to your comments, suggestions and critiques.