Back to Canada's Amazing Yukon Territory

Back to Canada's Amazing Yukon Territory


We are just wrapping up my annual photo tour of Canada’s amazing, unequalled, spectacular Yukon Territory. And what an adventure it was!

To say that I love the Yukon is an understatement, as any of my clients who have gone there with me can attest to. This year we were blessed with an unexpected abundance of good weather and wildlife sightings.

Just in the past two days we had 17 grizzly/brown bear sightings. We also spotted arctic fox, red fox, caribou, moose, and much more. If you stay tuned to my blog you’ll soon see some of the incredible images my clients captured.

We always get up to the Arctic Circle and beyond…

The weather was unseasonably warm, a departure from last year when we froze even in our parkas.

We drove all the way past the North West Territory border. Looking back toward Yukon Territory, you get an idea of the magnificence of the tundra landscape. Here two of my clients, Jeff Hinte and Jim Leary, climbed a hill to get a better view.

There is only one road, the infamous Dempster ‘Highway’, that links Yukon to the Arctic Ocean. Along that route, just an hour or two north of Dawson City, epicenter of the Klondike Gold Rush, is one of my favorite Yukon landscape destinations, Tombstone Park. Take a look at this quick video to see it in all its glory.

I will soon be taking reservations for next year’s trip, slated for August 25-September 4. I only take 3 people on this 10-day adventure, so make sure you check out our tour website and my blogs for the announcement. You can also subscribe to my newsletter below to be notified of all tours and workshops.

All images and video taken with the iPhone 7 Plus.