Breaking News! Announcing Our New Website!!

Breaking News! Announcing Our New Website!!

More visual.

It has been quite a while since I’ve written a blog, and here’s why. For the past few months we have been steadily developing our brand new website and I’m really excited to announce that it’s finally ready for you! It’s been more than six years since we have revamped our site and, well, it was becoming dated. Plus, we wanted to offer our visitors features and new technologies that simply were not available years ago.

Our new website is chock full of those features. For those of you who regularly visit our site, you will first notice the fresh, updated look. My assistant for the past ten years, Bob Boyer, masterfully crafted the site, programming and coding it from scratch to better meet your needs.

For one thing, the site is better organized, so you can find the information you need more quickly. Take a look at the Travel section, for example, which is now organized by region. Throughout that section you will find helpful photo and travel tips should you be interested in visiting those regions.

Our Adventure Tours are now separated from our in-studio Workshops, so you can easily decide which opportunities will best advance your photography. And our product Store lists the various ebooks we sell that can quickly boost your photography skills. Checkout is easier than ever and completely secure.

One of my favorite features is the Reviews and More panel which now includes separate sections for how-to posts, equipment reviews, and opinion pieces. That should help you more easily find the information you want.

If you’d like to see examples of my own work, head over to the Portfolio section where you’ll find selected images arranged into easy to view groups. Be sure to visit this section often, as I’ll periodically be putting together new portfolios for your review.

If you would like your home or office decorated with our images, please visit those sections. We have more than a decade of experience designing and installing eye-popping images that will help set the right mood for your home or work environment.

Finally, Bob and I are committed to making this site as helpful and user friendly for you as possible. To that end, we’d love to hear your comments and suggestions for further improvement.