Guide To Fine Art Digital Printing In Lightroom

Guide To Fine Art Digital Printing In Lightroom


Get your typing fingers ready. Exciting news follows!

After a year of planning, my new ebook, “The Art of Fine Art Digital Printing” is now available on the iBooks platform for $19.95.

Ordinarily that would be exciting enough, but here’s the kicker. Due to the good graces of two of our wonderful sponsors - Moab fine art photographic papers and X-Rite calibration solutions - you can download our 164-page comprehensive and heavily illustrated guide to digital printing FREE! That’s right absolutely FREE!!

My assistant for the past 11 years, Master Printer Bob Boyer, is the technical genius behind the book. You will definitely benefit from our experience and knowledge as we dispel myths about digital printing and explain the science behind great prints. We have loaded the book with tips, shortcuts and techniques to help you to create prints that will WOW! your audience, whether at home or for your photography business.

All you need do is go to our printing ebook website and sign up. By just typing in your email address you will see the download appear in your download folder on your desktop. Click on it to open it and you’ll be on your way to state-of-the-art prints, whether you are a novice to printing or an accomplished fine art printmaker.

And, please don’t keep our ebook a secret. Tell your friends and fellow camera club members to take advantage of this limited time FREE offer. Or, better yet, buy the book from the Apple store for $19.95. Your choice.

As always, please let us know what you think of “The Art of Fine Art Digital Printing.” We look forward to your comments. We also welcome photos of your fine art prints and welcome a chance to share them here with our viewers. Our goal, and that of Moab and X-Rite, is to help you make the best fine art prints possible.

As part of that commitment, the website from which you can download the eBook will be updated with new case studies and will enable us to respond to questions you may have and challenges you face about your digital printing efforts. So check back periodically to get the latest information about digital printing.

Finally, if you are interested in getting some hands-on experience in fine art printing up-close-and-personal with Bob and I, please check out our website for information on upcoming digital printmaking workshops, which we offer 3-4 times each year in our modern, fully equipped studio.

In the meantime, we hope you will enjoy and benefit from “The Art of Fine Art Digital Printing”.