Would You Like to Land a Gallery Exhibit?

Would You Like to Land a Gallery Exhibit?

In our photo studio we’ve taught digital printing and portfolio development workshops for many years. Near the end of nearly every session at least one of our clients asks us about the possibility of landing a gallery exhibition, or at least placement of some prints in a gallery.

Interestingly, the motivation for this question is not usually money, but rather a desire to share their passion with others. And over the years we have advised clients on how to achieve this goal and they have moved on to having wonderful exhibitions.

I’m excited to announce that I’ve just written an eBook that details how one can go about securing a gallery placement, whether for a few prints or a solo show. “The Art of the Gallery Show” is a comprehensive guide to landing that coveted gallery space.

The eBook is filled with comprehensive information on how to prepare yourself, find a venue and make the all important ask. I explore in depth the process of editing and planning, finances, marketing and public relations.

Then, in detail and with specific examples, I discuss how to handle the setup and breakdown days, as well as why you need to follow up and how to do that. In a separate chapter I go over the critically important Opening.

The Appendix includes two worksheets, as well as a list of resources (with links) to help you organize.

If you are a photographer who wishes to exhibit your work, whether in a top-tier art gallery or a local exhibit space in a library or community center, you may want to check out “The Art of the Gallery Show”.