On the road...again

On the road...again

Let’s face it. Travel has become a pain in the neck. And for we photographers, with all our gear, it’s a pain even lower down our anatomies. How many times have you had to open your gear case and watch an airport agent mishandle your lenses.

Then there’s the weight issue. Heaven forbid we’re three ounces over our pitiful carry-on allotment of 10 kilos (22 lbs). That’s why I plan, strategize and agonize over every ounce of gear I carry.

Which brings me to a nifty card reader that was sent to me to test. I insisted on a 7-week field trial while I was on the road, where I end up rushing from place to place, haphazardly throwing accessories into a bag, pulling them out frantically in order to download files from my camera at all hours, and otherwise heap abuse on all-too-fragile equipment. The last thing I want is a finicky, cheaply made card reader.

Enter stage right… the EZQUEST 5-in-1 USB Type-C Card Reader. If you’re like me you’ve replaced three or four card readers along your photographic journey. I’ve probably been through at least half-dozen. The problems I’ve faced with them are that some are poorly constructed, others are confined to accepting only one or two types of cards, still others have temperamental electronics. A few have been too heavy or bulky.

I found the EZQUEST 5-in-1 USB Type-C Card Reader to be insanely lightweight, rugged and easy to pack. It is long and slim, with an anodized aluminum enclosure to dissipate heat and take abuse.

The device features one CFast 2.0 card slot, one CompactFlash card slot, one UHS-II SDXC card slot, one UHS-II microSDXC card slot, and one Memory Stick PRO card slot. If you are shooting multiple platforms you’ll appreciate the fact that all of the slots may be used simultaneously. Data transfer is fast and each slot has an LED indicator which is pretty cool in that you can see what is currently in use. And, the EZQUEST is plug-and-play, no additional drivers needed.

The one issue I had with the EZQUEST is that while the manufacturers tout its ‘long’ cord (9" USB Type-C), I do wish it was a tad longer. Using it on a hotel bed with an external disk attached, a power cord, etc, I would have liked the cord long enough to get the unit out of the way and to allow it to lay flat no matter the creases in the comforter. But, aside from that, during the 7-week field test I put it through it held up amazingly well.

The EZQUEST line of products is available at Amazon, where the EZQUEST 5-in-1 sells for $49.99. EZQUEST offers units with even more ports, as well as other photo-related products.

Reader Note: When I am sent equipment to review I insist that the sender acknowledge beforehand that my reviews are honest and may reflect poorly on the item. I don’t know in advance whether the sender will ask for the item back or not. If I am told I may keep the item I typically donate it to a charity, as applicable.