The Photographer's Eye Landscape 1

The Photographer's Eye Landscape 1

Canadian grandeur and wildlife.

In The Photographer’s Eye: Landscapes 1, you will go behind the scenes and learn inside secrets from master photographer Les Picker. You will gain insights into the photographic process as Les explains how each of these ten, specially chosen images was made, what he had to overcome to get the shot and how he tackled familiar and unique lighting challenges to bring home these highly praised photos.

Chock full of helpful insights and recommendations, the e-Book also includes an interactive section where Les gives readers ten useful tips for creating evocative landscape images. In “Ten Tips For More Dramatic Landscapes,” Les shares tips and suggestions gained from more than 40 years of successful photography.

Whether you are a photographer or a nature lover- or both!- Les’ eBook will be something you’ll want to carry with you on your electronic devices so you can come back to it again and again. Convenient, informative, insightful. Try out this exciting new approach to photography today!

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Warning: Les’ eBooks can be highly addictive. When you need another ‘fix,’ check out his new titles. You have been warned!

Saturday, Aug 24, 2019 08:00
Ten of my best images of people along with how they were made. Contains a bonus section of my top 10 tips for better images of people.