Photographic Composition

Photographic Composition

Canadian grandeur and wildlife.

Once you master the technical aspects of photography, undoubtedly the most critical aspect to creating winning images is composition.

In Photographic Composition international award-winning pro photographer Les Picker takes you on a journey covering the major elements of fine art composition. Chock full of illustrative images, Les puts his 40+ years of photography to work helping you raise your images from ho-hum to WOW!

Les' work has appeared in major magazines, newspapers and exhibits. In Photographic Composition Les covers what he has found to be the most creative ways to compose images for maximum impact. Moving quickly beyond the obvious Rule of Thirds and other mainstays, Les will help you understand how the use of space, balance, foreground and background, light and shadow, geometry, scale, perspective and more can raise the quality of your images to prize-winning works of art.

Among his many honors, Les won Canada’s most prestigious photo award. Les has also won awards for his teaching, so in this ebook you will benefit from clear, concise and motivating examples drawn from his body of work.

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Warning: Les’ eBooks can be highly addictive. When you need another ‘fix,’ check out his new titles. You have been warned!

Composition is critical for great images. In this heavily illustrated ebook Les covers some of the most important elements of composition so you can create winning images.