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The polar skies are breathtaking.
— Les Picker

The Arctic


The Arctic is one of the most spectacular wonders of Earth. Threatened though it is by global warming, it is a region of unparalleled beauty.

Photographically, it is non-stop action. Most visitors come during the polar summer, giving near 24 hours of daylight. Only in the Antarctic will you be similarly sleep deprived.

Of course, every photographer hopes to snag a polar bear or two while there. But I find that the landscapes are equally irresistible. Icebergs, mountains and the ever changing skies should not be ignored, as you will see as you flip through these selected images.

The Arctic is changing more rapidly than any other place on Earth. Photographers should go soon to capture the iconic images that are all too quickly disappearing.

The images you see here were taken with either a Fuji GFX medium format camera system, or a Nikon D850.

Thank you for taking the time to peruse this collection. As always I welcome feedback and questions.