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The Yukon

The Yukon: A Magical Land

The Yukon

Ever since I’ve been a boy the Yukon has fascinated me, whether it was reading Jack London or flipping through the pages of National Geographic and seeing sled dogs working their way across the tundra.

As a pro photographer what I love most about the Yukon is its pristine landscapes and wildlife. In a land that is 20% larger than California, there are only about 34,000 people living there. But there are an equal number of bears, double that number of moose, plus more than 300,000 caribou, many fox, eagles… the sheer diversity is stunning.

You can drive along the unpaved Dempster Highway from Dawson City, which was the center of the Klondike gold rush, to Inuvik in Canada’s North West Territory, a distance of about 600 miles and maybe pass ten cars the whole time. The road itself is carved out of the tundra, so all the time you’re driving you’re thinking to yourself, “Wow, this is gorgeous, this is so magnificent, it’s otherworldly.”

The land breeds a rugged sort of people, fiercely independent, full of the quirkiness that I love. Maybe quirkiness is a survival trait when winter temperatures drop to minus 50.

For the photographer Yukon Territory is the perfect locale. Landscapes range from glaciated mountains and cascading streams, to forests and arctic tundra. Wildlife is everywhere. The weather changes constantly, serving up dynamic scenes at every turn.

In my more than fifteen years of journeying alone through the Yukon, and bringing intimate groups of only three photographers with me, I am sharing some images with you in this gallery. If you enjoy them, you might want to think of joining me on a Yukon Photo Adventure.